Before knowing about any country’s colorful background, it’s equally interesting to know about its history. being honest, as i searched about ATLANTA i was mesmerized by the beauty of its streets, tasty food corners, everything that genuinely wanted me to visit Atlanta once!

What it does

link so, we worked on a fully responsive website, where we made the home page with 3 buttons with internal linking that might take you to different part of the webpage itself. home page consist of history, facts, favourite spots and the information about covid-19 { we wanted to give live updates of covid-19 in Atlanta but we were unable to}

How we built it

we built it using an online platform replit ( as everyone did'nt had vs code) we used basic html, css and java script to build this website

Challenges we ran into

the most common challenge was we all had different timezones but still we managed and all equally participated secondly, most of my teammates were beginner, and one of them is from highschool, so we didn't had much knowledge. While making the covid page we tried to make it a bit different, so that we can get updated information in that page always when we open it. But even after spending hours on it, we ended up making it a simple web page 😂

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we ended up completing our website which looked organised and it looked pretty.

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