Inspiration My inspiration started when i watched the movie ..... Social Network and i am a huge fan of Mark Zuckerberg. this then led me to create a global APP which will enhance the lives of kids by providing them a solution to a better and brighter education using online technology as well as allowing all students from across the world to make contact with each other just by a simple swipe of a finger and search for active users across the globe. What it does its a fully functional educational resource and global messaging service for every user to easily connect with others via their online profiles. How I built it i used appy pie and my ideas put together to create this global APP Challenges I ran into the challenges was that of many to mention but the more server ones was time and this was not on my side as i had to work and still do development after work which was becoming rather difficult. i then decided to resign from my job and focus solely on the development and it was at this point were i was able to build my APP to an amazing state Accomplishments that I'm proud of i have been featured on a few radio stations i was also on TV and most of all the most important achievement is helping people get an education. as well as to note that ALL A's has made it onto windows, IOS and Android. What I learned is that time is something that can never be wasted and taken for granted as i know the true value of a second, a minute and an hour. What's next for ALL A's to become the global leader in E-Learning.

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