all is humanity in the small -- a way for people to share whatever's on their mind and to know that others feel the same.


Sharing what we feel is what makes us human. Whether we're happy or concerned or sad, we all want to know that there is someone who, maybe even at the smallest level, understands what we're going through.


all provides a way to do this that is simultaneously simple yet profound, and personal yet anonymous. People share what they are thinking with no prerequisites or incentives for falsehood. Their thoughts appear quietly at the bottom of others' pages, easily accessible but at the same time unintrusive.


Tapping on a thought does two things at once. The thought is brought to the top of the page, following from its relevance to the user, and a subtle message is sent back to anyone else who did the same. A peacefully expanding circle, whose unique color is the same on any computer around the world, seems almost to embrace the viewer. And on capable mobile devices, a vibration, evoking a gentle tap, makes it possible to feel the understanding of others on a more direct level.

It's the purest distillation of what makes us human: compassion, here isolated from obligation or threat. A group of people, tied together by a common experience, sharing in the knowledge that they are not alone.


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