On the morning of September 23rd, 2017, we were fresh off an invalidated idea, and soon became lost in brainstorming. Fortunately, we were interrupted by an all too important reality: breakfast. Unfortunately, breakfast came along with a painfully long wait. After seeing the line, we made the decision to fix this problem instead of waiting for breakfast.

What it does

aline is a useful web tool that organizes lineups at events. It can be accessed through the webpage or through the mobile app. Event organizers can use the simple color verification codes provided by aline to verify and manage participants efficiently.

Event Organization:
Organizers can set up lines in a few simple clicks. The organizers are then provided with a link for participants to enter and set a password for administration. The password is the only necessary information to become an admin. The app will then provide live updates and color verification codes.

Once organizers share the link, one can join the line in a single click. Once joined, users will be automatically notified once they have an available spot. Users can also choose to be updated via text message. They will then be provided a 3-color verification code that can be used for a short period of time.

How we built it

aline utilizes firebase to manage users and twilio to send text notifications. Our advanced data structure dynamically maintains the list of users progressing at any time.

Challenges we ran into

Our progress was completely reset on Saturday morning, after our previous idea fell through. Fortunately, we were able to transition to our new idea relatively quickly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of our team members are proud of not getting any sleep at all. We are also glad to have finished our first successful app made using expo.

What we learned

Our newer team members gained valuable experience with express.js, firebase and twilio.

What's next for aline

aline can be expanded and generalized to many areas, such as doctor's clinics, restaurants, border security, and of course, hackathons.

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