We found that a lot of university students, especially freshmen, have a hard time meeting friends with similar interests. As a result, they decide not to participate in activities that they are interested in.

What it does

Our app randomly matches students based on their interests and availability. This allows them to have a conversation with people alike. We're flipping the convention of traditional social apps by focusing on mutual interests instead of on someone's profile.

How we built it

We modelled our webpage on paper then transferred our ideas to our platform through the use of Figma. Then we created the demo collectively with front and back end development.

Challenges we ran into

We first wanted to make a mobile app but then realized it was not feasible within the time constraint (none of us had mobile app development experience). This was also our designers' first time creating a UI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have been able to complete a demo version of our app. Alike has the potential to become a platform with a strong social impact that bridges the gap between similar people.

What we learned

We strengthened our technical skills and learned a lot from each other.

What's next for Alike

Collaborations and Growth Groupon, local businesses, provincial expansion across post-secondary institutions.

Technical search bar, location feature, user verification, ios and android release, account and profile details, heat map (view popular activity locations).

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