We were inspired by the Norms' talk at the HackSC opening ceremony.

What it does

Our app empowers individuals suffering from similar problems with the tools necessary to create their own support groups-- groups based on more than just their problems. It uses a short survey, categorizing the symptoms of an illness you have, and filters for individuals with similar symptoms as you. It then ranks them based on your matched interests using the Facebook API. The App infers interests based on page likes gathered from Facebook. We then analyze user page likes to infer their general interests using AWS comprehend topic classifier. Depending on the inferred interests, we suggest potential people that might best align with the user's interests/experiences.

How we built it

Caffine and AWS.

Challenges we ran into

Deleted the amplify login and ran into a lot of AWS issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

AWS, Amplify, and ReactJS.

What's next for Align

We plan to implement a built in logger that allows the user to accrue points the more often they update. These points would then be displayed on your public dashboard, effectively encouraging the user to log data on their symptoms more often.

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