A simple and adventure filled game optimized for Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen!

EXCLUSIVELY FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE S PEN: S Pen has 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. The game uses this feature to change Transport Pod’s color based on the Pen’s pressure.

Our Aliens are space-faring tourists and love visiting new places. A group of five Aliens have come to see beautiful places on Earth and based on their experiences they will invite other Aliens to visit Earth. The friendly Aliens wanted to mingle and therefore disguised themselves as the lovable and popular Android mascot (they assumed it was the dominant species on Earth).

Being on Earth does not come without dangers because the Alien’s health deteriorates with time as well as when the Alien is not inside his/her optimal Transport Pod. You are the Alien’s transporter on Earth. You need to know two things to make their travel awesome.

TRANSPORT POD SHOULD BE DARK BLUE: The Alien travels in the Transport Pod. You need to maintain S Pen’s pressure such that the Transport Pod’s color remains the same throughout the journey. The Transport Pod color changes based on how much pressure you apply on S Pen. The top color bar acts like a guide for you to know how much pressure should be applied to get a color. The alien's health decreases each time the Transport Pod color changes from the optimal setting. Once the health becomes zero, the group will not be able to survive.

TRANSPORT ALIENS IN GIVEN TIME: The Aliens cannot spend more time in one place, so you have to take the Aliens from one door to another in the specified time. If you exceed this time, the Alien will not be able to survive.

Once you have transported all Aliens from one place to another, they reach the next level to see another beautiful place. You will be transporting all Aliens from one door to another in each levels.

Your task of transporting Aliens will increase in each level because the Aliens will have less time and health when they reach higher levels.

In next version of the game, there will be new and different Aliens coming to Earth. Aliens will also have enemies who don't want to see them on Earth and will shoot and attack them, therefore your job of transporting Aliens to different places will become much difficult.


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