Inspired by the thought of building Alien Game. Everyone is so fond of watching Aliens in only dreams or sometime becomes real too and so making game on that is something special and inspired me the most.

What it does

In this Game, There is enemies as well as warriors. Being a Warrior you have to skip from the enemies and from their bullets. But the 'icing on the cake' part is that you can also kill them through your bullets too. "We are Warriors and killing our enemies"

How I built it

using Javascript and HTML5

Challenges I ran into

Challenge is compete against all the powerful peoples in this hackathon is very biggest thing for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to make this game very interesting and worthful.

What I learned

one should always be patience because things take time and we have to give them time.

What's next for Alien's Game

I thought to make a warriors team also.

Built With

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