Alien Concerto!

A little piano-playing game with aliens on the piano keys! Because it's good to have a little fun in these stressful times, and we want to inspire people to play piano.

What it does

Alien Concerto is a piano-playing game, currently with a range from middle C (C3) to the octave above (C4), that mimics the layout of piano keys on your keyboard - so, instead of every note being in order all right next to each other, the white keys are represented by letters "S" through "L", and black keys are represented by "E-R" and "Y-U-I."

How we built it

We built it using a combination of Gamemaker and Aseprite.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Eleni had never used Aseprite, Github, or Gamemaker before. They had also never created an animation before Alien Concerto - the little green and blue aliens are their first ever animation!

Christina is very proud that we built a full, functioning game - it has menus that go back and forth, it has setting toggles, and multiple game modes.

In general, we worked very efficiently; Eleni created the images for the piano and aliens, and Christina coded the game. There was very little down time where we had to wait on each other for updates.

What we learned

Eleni learned a lot about Github registries. A lot .

What's next for Alien Concerto

We want to fully animate the keys compressing and rising, and improve the notation on the aliens. We also want to include a "Simon Says" mode, where you echo back a randomized note sequence, and an additional mode to practice reading sheet music notation.

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