Our game in a nutshell: The game is a 2-D side-scroller arcade kind-of game in which the player attempts to survive through waves of enemy aliens and get a high score.

What Inspired you? I really wanted to make a game that not only I want to make, but I wanted to make a game that I would learn from as well.

Target user? We don't really have a specific target user. It is really just anybody who wants to play the game. Most likely those people though will be people that are competitive and enjoy side-scrolling arcade style platformers.

What key features are you most proud of? I really like the way we have our list of objects set up and our tile mapping. I've seen a few other games that are going to be signing up for this challenge, and I found that our code was unique in that it is much cleaner than others. Most of our game inherits from the Obj (Object) class making it really simple and easy to make new things. I'm also proud of the fact that we actually got our tile mapping working correctly and efficiently. We were having problems learning how to do it at first, but the struggle was definitely worth it. The programs that I saw without tile mapping but with a lot of platforms and level design were very messy. In my opinion hard-wiring in all the positions for every platform is just a pain to make and a pain on the eyes to look at. It's just a gross mess of code;therefore, I really like our tile mapping. It makes our game a lot more efficiently run and makes our code look very clean.

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