According to one study, 83% of millenials don't have at least three months worth of savings and they don't think that they need PFMs because they're boring, wordy, or because they think that their finances are not complicated enough. It's just like going to the gym - it takes time, effort and discipline.

What Alice Does

Alice is an AI/ML powered voice assistant with a 3D avatar that sits above your bank accounts or digital wallets and analyzes your spending.

Alice uses data from your daily transactions(offline and online) to create dynamic budgets and give you a range of amazing tools(for loans, investment etc.) get your balance back or to help you get back on track your short and long term goals.

She also uses predictive analytics to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends at the tip of your fingers to provide valuable advice and insights to your current budget. This will help the users to make smarter decisions and eventually build their wealth.

How the Magic Works


• Apple AvatarKit (Memoji)


• Microsoft Cognitive Services(Speech APIs) ◘ Text to speech ◘ Speech to text ◘ Natural Language Understanding(LUIS)

Brain and Heart

• Microsoft Azure ◘ Bot Service ◘ Machine Learning ◘ Cognitive Services ◘ Computer Vision API (OCR)

• FusionFabric.Cloud ◘ Retail International

• Google Geolocation API

Mobile App

• Android Studio • Visual Studio Code • Flutter (dart) • Adobe XD • Adobe Photoshop • Zeplin

What's next for Alice

♦ Enable Alice to have a payments and tracking system where she priorities your due dates for monthly recurring expenses or online subscriptions(i.e. Netflix and Spotify) So that user can make smarter decisions in cutting down unnecessary expenses at the moment.

♦ Use the Emotion API of Azure to make Alice emotionally responsive.

♦ Instead of one gigantic app, Alice can be a platform where the components can be plug-and-play wherein the customer can mix and match the features that they need.

Built With

  • azure
  • azure-cognitve-services
  • flutter
  • google-geolocation
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