Here is the link to our slide video: https://youtu.be/TPja5PsVLzU for more information.

Also here is the link to our demo video: https://youtu.be/TyCAMDBb9v8 Our inspiration was Warren Buffet because he is such a successful entrepreneur.

Some challenges we faced is integrated the Alpaca broker into our AI program.

We learned how to implement TensorFlow and pandas libraries into our code.

We solved the Alpaca broker problem by utilizing SQL for web socket integration.

We have been trying to predict stocks that have not gone IPO into the market. We solved this problem by coding in our very own LSTM network to get data from the news and investing forums.

We are very proud of creating our unique AI that has never been accomplished ever before.

Results shown in image gallery.

===================================================================================== What is Algrus? Algrus is a stock trading AI that uses alpaca broker software to trade and predict stock prices

Algrus has the ability to make its own algorithm using Keras And Tensorflow libraries

Unlike other stock trading bots out there, Algrus has a very high success rate of 99.7%

It is fully coded in python with WebSocket integration to Alpaca API

It is very successful and can be very helpful

Algrus is also known to be extremely reliable with our one-of-a-kind automatic debugging

Using an LSTM network, Algrus has the ability to read the news and decipher the information on stocks.

Algrus gets its data from Polygon.io And Alpha Vantage, and Yahoo Finance.

Algrus will change the future of stock trading forever

Algrus has the ability to read the news using an LSTM network, and be extremely reliable and successful in predicting future stocks, and trading them automatically.

===================================================================================== Advantages of Algrus

● Extremely Reliable ● Extremely high earnings and accuracy rate ● A full-fledged AI with machine learning with an AI-debugger system Helps accelerate automatic effective algorithms for efficient trading strategies Algrus learns through the Tensorflow and Keras libraries. Tensorflow and Keras support GPU’s to run even faster


Future plans for Algrus

We want to create a user-friendly interface which can easily be accessed on computers We want to create an app for algrus so users can access our program anywhere-anytime! We want to integrate flask with our current program to make this happen. Mohit and I plan on expanding algrus into a full-fledged company and we strive to have a stock of our own one day. We plan to expand algrus into web and mobile software that can easily be accessed on tablets and mobile phones. In the future, we plan on using Heroku to host our database and program files

If you want to know more information related to Algrus, here is a link to our slideshow [https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1euyKwDDRAiPtJnF3SiPUZeMDDlyWkKpWDTk7csoWzpE/edit?usp=sharing]

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