We were inspired by VisuAlgo's visual approach to teaching CS students about vital algorithms. Both of us are also currently preparing for technical interviews and had to teach ourselves all of the important data structures and algorithms because we have not yet learned them in school. In addition, just reading a description or explanation doesn't necessarily make the concepts easier to understand; adding another dimension to it will allow users to grasp the concepts better.

What it does

algoVR takes different data structures and algorithms and animates them working in 3D in order to teach users how they actually work.

How we built it

Unity and C# were our main tools–we designed the environment in the Unity game engine and wrote the algorithmic scripts in C#.

Challenges we ran into

Bringing theoretical concepts into 3D.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Throughout the building of this project, we were able to actually understand most of the algorithms we intended to put into the app. Hopefully, this will help us get internships :)

What we learned

Algorithms are hard.

What's next for AlgoVR

We hope to implement more algorithms and expand our capabilities.

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