Interview prep is a necessary but difficult step in the life of any software developer.

Each year, students dread the internship application season, knowing that a long, arduous journey awaits them. Month after month of practicing data structures, algorithms, and redoing Leetcode questions again and again.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

As engineering students and developers, we looked at the typical interview prep strategies and saw an opportunity for change.

In our own academic endeavors, we often use flashcards and spaced repetition techniques to learn new words, concepts, and ideas. We realized these same strategies could be applied to the interview preparation process.

As a result, we decided to create AlgoSR, a full-fledged web app using spaced repetition, to make the internship preparation experience as frictionless and pleasurable as possible.

What it does

Uses Spaced Repetition Algorithms in order to maximize interview prep studying efficiency.

Users will add questions to AlgoSR as they complete them, and we'll set an appropriate date to remind them. The next time a question appears, we'll ask them to gauge its difficulty, and our algorithms will adjust accordingly and remind them in the future once again. This way, users only have to focus on a small set of tailored questions each day, without wasting time worrying about which questions to revisit and when.

How We built it:

Front-End Back-End
HTML Node.js
CSS Express.js
Spectre.css MongoDB

What's next for AlgoSR

Grow the User Base! We really believe in this project, and think it can be useful to thousands of computer scientists across the globe.

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