Hating how twitter sees that if you like for example republican posts, it'll just show you more of them instead of the opposing view.

What it does

Using npm twitter to allow me to search topics on the twitter API and returns them using mongoDB, then dumps data from mongoDB into Algolia to be easily organized and parsed through. The data from mongoDB is then wiped because it is now unnecesary and repeated.

How I built it

nodeJS, mongoDB, algolia, jquery, javascript, html5, css3

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

callbacks:) and the satisfaction of being able to easily organize 2000 data entries using an API

What I learned

node, mongo, algolia

What's next for Algolia Twitter Research

using d3.js to dynamically model results such as sentiment and retweet value, when I tried using the cdn my computer kept saying the network connection was bad removing repeat data entries (there are a few but not a lot) the twitter API is limited and cuts off tweets, and only takes tweets from a week back so I would like to figure out a way to remedy that using a better sentiment analyzer

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