Bossard's challenge video and the CTO's engineer style, on to the point yet humoring on one side and our team having a very extensive history on implementing such practices by even very advanced industrial frameworks like the theory of constraints, on the other side, made us being passionate about hacking this problem.

What it does

Implements Continuous Replenishment of Bossard Smart Bin using Algorand layer 1 features: ASCs, ASAs, and AATs.

How we built it

We took challenge data, video, and owner's info. Ran a short R & D to get acquainted more with the subject of the requirement. Dug some old dusty notes and notebooks and folders out. Turned it all into designs and diagrams and got to code. Backend API is made using NodeJS and Express Stack and has a fully documented REST API for WebUI to communicate with. Web UI is made using React framework. Everything happens on-chain, so no server logic. Every smart bin is implemented as an oracle to the Algorand chain, sending data to Smart Contract, which is in charge of governing and approving transactions (payment, order, and supply).

Challenges we ran into

Nothing, in particular. we are battle-tested in both business concept and code implementation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Based on available colors on Bossard smart bin images we took a hunch that they might be using some implementations of TOC and specially DBR and CR concepts, so we added that (to some extent ) to the demo as well. Now the ordering happens based on a predefined threshold for Smart Bin contained parts count, directly in the smart contract as internal transactions. and those thresholds are configurable (Global Space).

What we learned

We just updated our knowledge from Teal 4 to Teal 5 on this project.

What's next for algo-bossard

Bossard's pilot implementation ---> Bossard global implementation----> A problem solved using Algorand!

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posted an update

We are extremely proud and thankful and will do our best to improve the solution every day for the next week so that it can stand as a reference implementation. Our thanks and best wishes go to Algorand, Bossard, TrustSquare, DevPost, and #SBHACK21 which was an amazing experience.

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