Everyone is at risk of getting COVID-19. We wanted to address some of the challenges related to the COVID-19 epidemic in Algeria and do our part to help the people. We want to raise awareness by providing information on what to eat, what not to eat, how to follow social distancing, what are the symptoms and where to get updated information on the pandemic. We want to support users by providing a details submission mechanism which will let the donors look at the details and decide whom they can help. We are trying to provide all information at one place as we understand that people have psychological problems and they might not want to talk to someone about how they are feeling at that moment about the virus or its symptoms. They can just open the app and read what they can to help themselves. We are showing the map of Algeria and its states and cities which also has the locations of hospitals and grocery stores. With this feature the users can look if they have hospitals near by to visit or if there are stores nearby to get some grocery. We wanted to show current COVID numbers for user's knowledge on how the country is coping with COVID. We understand that there are websites to find out these details independently but the idea is also to have everything accessible at one place.

What it does

This is an Android app. It has a home page that has a map and a menu. Map shows Algeria map and the menu has selection capability which will let the user look for hospitals or grocery stores. It also lets user look at current COVID numbers. The app also has an information page- this is to let the user look at the precautions/social distancing measures/diet/symptoms of COVID/links to CDC and WHO pages. This app has a helping hands page that will let the donor login if he registered, else he can register. This page lets any user to submit details for resources.

Challenges we ran into

Issues setting up project with a different gradle version. Half of our team never worked on Android app before this project While we were integrating one o four pages, a wrong git action removed one of the files which made us redo that part. Integration issues where some libraries that one team member used were not supported in other team members code. It was a learning experience for everyone

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished what we planned for. We are proud to say that everyone in the team was enthusiastic to make a social impact with the skills they possess.

What we learned

Working under pressure is always a new experience because the problems you run into are never the same. We have learnt to divide the tasks, take the help of a team member who completed his task/who is more knowledgeable in some areas to finish project within deadline.

What's next for AlgeriaCovidAssist

Email or text notification can be sent to registered donors( or any donating organization) whenever someone requests for resources. Database can be included to store data for huge user base. More details can be shown when a marker(hospital/grocery store) is clicked. We also have ideas to improvise the look and feel of the app.

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