Solving Math problems is tough and it gets even tougher when it comes to solving Algebra. If you know the solution, you can easily frame the intermediate Math steps.

What it does

Hence, using this app, you can easily find solutions to all your algebraic expressions and then come up with intermediate math steps based on answers generated. All you need is your Algebra Equation. You can enter any Mathematical equations of Quadratic, Cubic, Polynomial expressions, power of 4, sum, minus, division equations.

How we built it

This was built entirely on [link] with hassle free experience.

Challenges we ran into

Creating customised scripts or pages on Mecsimcalc is little difficult, so we need to minimise our app features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using Mecsimcalc and learning it to create a webapp.

What we learned

About Mecsimcalc

What's next for Algebraic Equations Solver - Quadratic, Cubic, Polynomial

Expand this solution to other Mathematical problems such Theorems etc.,.

Built With

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