Algebra Nation is a social, teacher and student-driven Algebra resource created by the College of Education at the University of Florida and Study Edge, a Limited Liability Company (and Y-Combinator-backed company). Algebra Nation meets students on their ground, in their own time, as our dynamic videos, study guides, and interactive wall are available 24/7 online and through smartphones.

Algebra Nation breaks down the walls of individual classrooms and extends learning outside of the standard school day. Students interact with each other by asking and answering each other's questions with teachers moderating the wall. Incentivized by earning 'Karma Points,' which are redeemed for prizes like classroom pizza parties and iPads, there have already been over 34,000 posts on the Algebra Nation wall since it's launch in mid January 2013.

Now students have access to some of the best teaching at any time. Teachers and students share their problems, ideas and best practices on our wall and we glean the best and spread it to all. Algebra Nation uses the best of social networking for an educational end. Algebra Nation is also unique in that it’s a living resource – our material changes constantly in direct response to feedback including the adoption of Common Core.

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