AlfredBot is a chat bot version of Google Keep . You can create a list and use it multiple times to check through regular tasks like doing a project release or getting ready for a travel.

AlfredBot can run on slack channels or Facebook messenger. Currently the Facebook page for AlfredBot is unpublished. Please send me mail if you want to to test it on Facebook or Slack.

I can add you add as a tester.

Some commands that you can ask AlfredBot to do are:-

  • Create a list
  • Make a list
  • Add to the list
  • Add an item to the list
  • Save the list
  • Load a list
  • Run through a list
  • Check

AlfredBot uses responseCard a great deal for quicker access to functionality on mobile interfaces.

AlfredBot prompts the relevant next set of actions after every command to help the user go through the check list faster.

AlfredBot currently uses DynamoDB for storing the lists data.

AlfredBot has been developed specifically for AWS Chatbot Challenge 2017

A demo video of AlfredBot is available on Youtube.

Thanks to @dwmkerr and @mindmelting for helping in the initial setup of project.

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