Amazon Echo

What it does

Alfred is your friendly Virtual Assistant for your Finances. In the form of a Webapp, you can launch it whenever you have a dire need to Invest. Give him a vocal command : ACTION - QUANTITY - COMPANY, and he will analyse you sentence to understand of which company you want to buy or sell stock. It also will give counsel: he will fetch the recent prices variations of that particular stock and will also find relevant articles. Training in NLP to predict stocks variations in terms of news headlines, he will give you his personal intake on your desire to invest.

How I built it

Python I use speech-to-text to record audio and convert it to a string command. Then I used NLP libraries to perform entity and Verb extraction. I used the Flask python framework to build a python website. Furthermore, I did some REST API calls to get the recent stock prices and some articles about the company. I trained a Logistic Regression NLP stock prediction model on Reddit data.

Built With

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