Ever wished that somebody calls and reminds everybody before a meeting? That somebody track all events on the group calendar? Alfred is the solution to your woes.

What it does

Alfred is an advanced chatbot which does a lot of work for you. Built on top of CISCO's Spark, Alfred is the perfect solution for businesses and small groups trying to manage team collaboration. It fetches events from the team calendar, is capable of sending texts, making phone calls with customized messages and sending emails to certain or all members of the team. If you ask nicely, it will also bring you Google results and weather and maybe, just maybe talk to you!

How we built it

We used a variety of APIs to compute our message reponses based on the messages of the users in the group. APIs such as Twilio's, Google-Calendar-API, Open Weather Map were used here.

Challenges we ran into

So, this being our second Hackathon, we were faced with a multitude of challenges. The first one of these was figuring out how webhooks worked. Since we were using a lot of different APIs, none of which we had ever used before we also had a lot of trouble reading up various documentations and implementations.

What's next for Alfred

Ironing out a few bugs and eventually making it truly smart

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