Laziness, too lazy to use our phones to access Chromecast. Also, allow Alexa to be integrated with the market standard for "casting".

What it does

We are able to control a Chromecast through Alexa. Our main feature is the ability to browse and control YouTube. We are able to search, browse and play videos through speech. While controlling YouTube is our main feature, we are looking into expanding into different environments. For example as a note taking companion for meetings. Anyone that visits the webpage can see synchronized data which can also be helpful in meetings and conferences.

How we built it

There are a few things that were required to create the project: -We used the node.js to communicate with a server.php file. -Once the server.php file receives information from the node, it passes it on to a client webpage. -This way the page can dynamically be changed at all times, allowing a smooth user interface.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was having Alexa communicate and command the website. This required json parsing, and triggering functions based on data provided by Alexa.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Having Alex and Chromecast work together. -Embedding youtube in to the webpage.

What we learned

-Youtube API

What's next for AlexaWithChromecast

-Clean up code -Make the communication seamless by using a database instead of a flat txt file.

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