You know what sucks? Remembering your wifi password and telling other people what it is. Seriously, I have almost no idea what mine is. So why not use Alexa to store & retrieve it?

What does Home WiFi do?

When you invoke this skill Alexa, open Home Wifi, it will spell out your SSID & Wifi Password, character by character. And it'll also report it in the Alexa app.

How does it actually do that?

  1. Setup an account & enter your WiFi network name and password.

  2. Enable the Alexa skill and link it to your Home WiFi account using your Amazon account.

  3. Say "Alexa, open Home WiFi" and listen as Alexa spells out your wireless network name and password for visitors. You can also access the information in your Alexa smartphone app.

What are your ToS? / Why should I trust you?

Look, I'm not a lawyer. I'm just a guy who likes to write code. This software and service are provided without any guarantees or liability — but it's open sourced under MIT, so feel free to audit the code or send me a pull request.

If you like this skill, please leave a nice review and check out my other skills. If you don't, tell me how to make it better.

You're good at this, can I hire you?

Yep. Let's talk.

Nice icon, where did you get it?

I got it from They have tons of great icons.

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posted an update

Hey people, I rejiggered this as a published skill / service using Login with Amazon -- so you don't have to roll your own Skill, you can just use mine. It works pretty well so far and I added a ton of new usability features like - indicating capitalization & support for special characters.

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