According to the Global Health and Aging report presented by the World Health Organization (WHO), “The number of people aged 65 or older is projected to grow from an estimated 524 million in 2010 to nearly 1.5 billion in 2050.” Population aging, reflects a human success story of increased longevity. However, How many years can older people expect to live in good health? Can they afford the health care costs? There are certain health conditions like cancer, dementia, increase in the number of falls, obesity, and diabetes that are expected to be a challenge to our health care system. Our current heathcare system is grossly unprepared to deal with the increasing aging population. A shortage of healthcare professionals is expected and there will be fewer family caregivers.

in order to reduce health care costs we need a cost-effective solution for heathcare delivery to independently living elderly individuals & patients that will enable regular monitoring of their health and keep chronic conditions in check.

What it does

Alexassist is an intelligent software program that runs on Amazon Echo-like devices. It helps individuals, who are suffering with or are at risk for chronic conditions, with self-monitoring of their conditions and enables a virtual in-home care giver by leveraging the speech recognition capabilities of these devices.

How we built it

We used a raspberry pi 3 and got Alexa voice service to run on it by connecting a speaker and microphone. We also built an Android app to show how a loved one can get notified when the individual's health condition has deteriorated.

Challenges we ran into

We bought a few off-the shelf bluetooth sensors - glucose, blood pressure, thermometer etc. We were unable to successfully connect the raspberry pi to these devices and gather data from them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have put together an awesome demo - the demo shows the patient interaction with Alexa and to close the loop the demo includes a notification to a loved one when the individual has been under the weather for a lengthy period of time.

What we learned

Hardware hacking over a 24 hr period is a huge challenge, wish we had one more day!!

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