A likelihood estimator, to help you assess if tonight is ok for stargazing and astrophotography.

Living in a highly light-polluted city environment, especially in the highly-humid & cloudy countries, makes checking the night suitability for stargazing, an unpleasant chore. This skill can estimate a "star-gazing" quality index for your location. This indicator is generated using various parameters, such as: cloud coverage, day of the week, humidity, moon phase, precipitation and so on.

Combines the geodetic, altitude-azimuth and right ascension-declination coordinate systems, in order to inform:

  • How good it will be for stargazing, with a score out of 10.
  • Which constellations can you see.
  • Which planets are visible tonight.
  • The top brightest messier objects for this night.


Alexa, can I stargaze tonight?

Built With

  • azimuthal-coordinates
  • lambda
  • linear-modelling
  • node.js
  • planetary-dynamics
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