*Shortcut, once you have it setup: "Alexa tell tiny fox to sit" (etc)

Tiny Fox is an augmented reality virtual pet that interacts with the real world using computer vision on any smartphone or Kindle-device - and listens to all of your commands via Amazon Alexa.

Step 0: http://tinyfox.xyz/print/

  • A. You can grab the Alexa skill first.
  • B. Or, you can also grab the app first on your iPhone, Android, or Amazon Kindle Fire device.  
  • C. Print out the Magic Echo Cloak. Cut and tape it around your Amazon Echo device as a snazzy looking case for your Alexa! 

Say: "Alexa: Tell Tiny Fox"

First, you tell Alexa the virtual address that your pet lives at.

[Note: we are totally privacy compliant here and take no personal information. A random street number is generated with a random NATO alphabet street name.]

Then, you tell Alexa the commands for Tiny Fox:

To Sit To Play To Run in Circles To Sleep

And the coolest part is that you can have tiny fox Tell Super Size to become a life size pet. It basically becomes a pet-like virtual case for your Amazon Echo. 

Tell Become Tiny - turns your Tiny Fox tiny again - and this is why it's called Tiny Fox.

Because it lives inside your Amazon Echo!!!

You can touch anywhere on your mobile device to have Tiny Fox walk there.

TinyFox is a virtual pet but knows where where Amazon Echo is in real life. It has full navigation control centered on the Echo device and even knows how to walk around it. 

For times when you are on your computer and you aren't on your phone or Kindle device, you can load the WebGL version at http://TinyFox.xyz/

You can do all over the above there. (It's basically just the virtual no-camera mode on your mobile device.)

Tiny Fox is an augmented reality virtual pet for Alexa, created for people who don't have the time or resources for higher maintenance pets. 

As demo'd, it does exactly what you say. And it's super cute! 

It's kind of like having the ultimate emotional support animal. It's all the love with no work or hassle required! 


(Watch the video for a clear way to understand the app flow)

  1. a. Install the app - already on Android currently being reviewed for iOS and Amazon Apps b. Install the skill c. print out the Magic Echo Cloak from the button on the app. Put on Echo. Point app's phone cam at Echo.
  2. Say "Alexa, Tell Tiny Fox"
  3. Say the virtual address to Alexa.
  4. Say "Tell Sit" or "Tell play" or "Tell sleep" or "tell Run Circles"
  5. Say "Tell Super Size"
  6. Say "Tell Become Tiny"
  7. Touch anywhere to have the pet walk around
  8. Demo is also available without using the camera by touching the back button on the app. Or, at http://tinyfox.xyz/webgl

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