The need to contribute to the ever-expanding and distributed web3 space. Soon our everyday lives will be entwined with the digital, so I wanted to build a way that people can easily access censor-proof, literary works anywhere, anytime; Even in the Metaverse and make it easily integrable with any platform. 😉

What it does

It leverages IPFS and blockchain technology to store and manage books directly on-chain, thereby making the books censor and tamper-proof, all while making it easy to incentivize the author and keep them anonymous.

Anyone anywhere can upload books to IPFS and store a reference on the blockchain that can be used to restore the book when needed.

Alexandria = anonymity+ publisher incentivization + censor-proof + ease of use.

How we built it

Web3py + IPFS + Stackoverflow

Challenges we ran into

Getting Web3py to work with any chain that isn't Ethereum

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!!!, and I refined my knowledge of IPFS

What we learned

To err is human to StackOverflow is divine

What's next for Alexandria

Multilingual support Improve existing toolset Add more ways to decentralize and distribute information


In the demo I made use of Polygon, I also configured it to work on any and all EVM chains.

Built With

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