I want to order flowers for my mom for Mother's Day. Straightforward. I don't need to sit down, and I don't need to run though login on my phone. I can give all the necessary information just by answering questions. Apps have been mobilized. They should also be "Alexized." We'd like to facilitate this by automatically generating the intents from typical workflows.

What it does

Tell your Amazon Echo what page you want to visit. Using Amazon's Alexa, Amazon Lambda's are executed to call servers that have pre-processed website actions. Voice commands are translated to actions that the server executes through a browser to navigate, browse, log in, and submit other actions to the website.

Ideal website candidates are those that don't already have APIs, effectively turning these sites into a modern version.

Challenges we ran into

Web pages are built using many different patterns, some clear and others obscure. Determining the flow of a web page can be assisted with natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms can be trained to make intelligent guesses. But, a seamless approach could be attained by adding Open Graph attributes (or say "ASK Graph" attributes) for voice navigation.

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