We really wanted to do something on the healthcare domain. Something that makes life easier for people, improves their health, improves their emotional wellbeing maybe. Our very first idea was related to emotional wellbeing, but we realized that Alexa might not be the best way of doing that, and didn't see a future for that. So, we brainstormed and came out with this great idea to make EVERYONE's life more happy, efficient, mindful, active, productive, etc.

What it does

It helps people to follow a morning routine, and not only any other routine. It's one of the most famous routines which has benefited a lot of people. It's the Tim Ferris's 7-task Morning Routine. I know, Right? Believe us, all studies and our personal experiences suggested that we pursue this, and we did. It guides users through their daily morning routine, so that everyone has a easier( and a more definite) way of refreshing their mornings, and get that extra success end of the day.

Not only this, we knew people might follow it for 2 days, then leave it for a day or 2, and then start again, and repeat. Though we cannot ensure that people use it everyday, we can definitely make sure they get the motivation and insights for keep going. After all they'll see the change right. This is the reason we integrated our skill with user's Fitbit devices, where we log the timings when the user is doing our in-skill exercises and meditation, and give them the insights like, "you lost around X calories during your routine" , or "we saw your heart rate drop X beats during your meditation, you're doing great and this routine does calm you. Keep it going!"

We created a list of the tasks to be done in the morning routine, which are :

  • Get out of Bed.
  • Make your Bed.
  • Meditate (This stage uses audio streaming from soundcloud from our various meditation tracks)
  • Exercising (This stage guides the user through 5 exercises with a timer)
  • Taking a cold shower
  • Brew Some Tea. All done!

While going for a shower, or while brewing tea, or basically while doing any task, the user can also ask alexa to play some music. At any point of time, the user can ask alexa to 'give me some insights' or 'how may calories did i lose today' to get some Fitbit related achievements.

How we built it

We built the skill using Jon Wheeler's Flask-Ask library in Python and then used Zappa to get it to AWS API gateway, routing to a AWS lambda function. Here's a architecture diagram for the whole skill.

Flow Chart

Challenges we ran into

  • Fitbit Linking was quite tricky, because the timestamps come according to the user's timezone, which we then figured out to get from the fitbit user profile api endpoint.
  • Audio streaming doesn't let the user continue after the stream is over, so user has to open it back again.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing insights with Fitbit like a good IOT use case and providing people with a easy to follow morning routine that would make them more mindful.

What we learned

We learned how to use the flask-ask and zappa library. How to get fitbit data for users

What's next for Morning Routine

  • Based on fitbit data, wish the user good morning with stats of how they slept.
  • Based on fitbit data, see the heart rate drop while meditation and show how efficient it was for them.
  • Custom duration for exercises and meditation like 3 minutes, 5, 10, 20 minutes.
  • User choice for Yoga or Exercising

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