Inspiration- For me learning was the first and foremost reason to join the hackathon, i have never developed any alexa skill. so this was my first time to at least learn something new.

What it does- This skill enables users to book an appointment with the clinic for any injury in body.

How I built it- i made use of some utterances and slots which allowed me to successfully develop the skill

Challenges I ran into - As it was something new for me, everything was challenging whether it had been creating just slots or making code for the responses.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - i am proud to learn something new, that i think i was never before able to knew about.

What I learned - The whole hackathon was something that taught me use of the alexa in day to day life specially in pandemic.

What's next for Clinic_Appointment_handler - I would like to make it more responsing by adding the features, like time and varies other which i was not able to do in this skill.

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