I get more out of my workouts when I plan my workout at the gym, but it's a hassle to bring a notebook with me. Given that Alexa helps me out with building shopping lists, I thought that this was a similar activity - and that I could build a custom Alexa skill that uses the same patterns.

What it does

It provides information on different exercises to do at the gym and them help me plan out my workout. While I can't take my Alexa to the gym with me, this skill creates a list in the companion app that I can bring with me and track each exercise I should do.

How I built it

Here's the architecture.

Built the skill in node.js, and I started with the Alexa template Amazon provides that can read the shopping list.

Challenges I ran into

I haven't used the API's that can manage lists, so needed to do some research on how this works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There aren't many custom skills that I could find that use the custom lists, so this could be a good reference for others that are trying to take advantage of this feature. It's great as you don't need to have a standalone app for your phone, and all of the data is managed by Alexa.

What I learned

I used the new dialog manager within Alexa to simplify the coding. Here's the add exercise intent that shows how multiple slots can be sequenced for data.

To use the custom lists, I needed to learn how to use the list API's within a skill.

The complete source code can be found in the GitHub repo linked to this project.

What's next for Alexa Workout Planner

I will monitor how people use it, and continue to make enhancements to make it even better. Potentially there are more time saving features I can add in planning, like coping prior workouts.

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