Inspiration -

Access to Technology and information on the go.Yes, access to Internet is a basic human right.

What it does -

Increases productivity. Increases and benefits Amazon services to users.

How the big Magic struck and I built it -

I am a solo traveler .On a road trip my car audio system failed. I was struck with an Idea to use my Bluetooth speakers as a substitute for audio. It was the best decision I ever made.Quality audio,Hands-free access to information(Thanks to Google assistance). Never bothered to fix my car audio system later.

Challenges I ran into - Quality sound and compact design

What's next for Alexa-Uber(Short Term plan)

Install Alexa in Uber, Access technology and make commutation fun for drivers and customers. And stay connected with Alexa anywhere.

What's next for Alexa - Automobiles (Long term plan)

Alexa would be a smart choice to replace conventional,expensive,orthodox and useless Billion dollar In-Built audio systems business. On a bigger Picture - Alexa would bring a revolution in the way people listen to music,Audiobooks and other Innovative Amazon services while they travel.

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