Inspiration: Have 2 powerful AI's team up to perform a simple, hands-free, task.

What it does: Translates what you tell Alexa to french (translation done by IBM Watson) and Alexa repeats french translation back.

How I built it: I used the Alexa Skill Kit API and hooked it up, via http, to an IBM bluemix application, running on Node.js, which I built using IBM's node-RED interface.

Challenges I ran into: Understanding Amazon's API, not being able to use a storage service in bluemix (mongodb) because it costs money, and a lot of other stuff.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Putting together a working final product that actually accomplishes a task I had set out to do, even if it wasn't the "dream" goal but more of a "checkpoint" .

What I learned: API's can be very frustrating, vague, lacking in online tutorials.

What's next for Alexa To Watson: Presentations and more translations!

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