Slack being used in almost all the hackathons and the volunteers can make their lives easier by speaking what they want to post in the channels and Alexa shall take care of the rest


Aims to post and get messages to/from Slack along with listing all the channels present in your slack account

How did you build it:

We are totally new to Alexa and were curious to explore it. Initially we took some time to understand how alexa and echo work and how do we have to code and where exactly do we have to run our Code. We also learnt about the Slack API's and the methods to use to post and get information using Web Hooks. Finally we wrote the python code to communicate between Alexa and Slack API's

Challenges we ran into:

  • Creating a sample Alexa skill and testing on Echo - difficulties in understanding intent schema and connecting Echo to public wifi.
  • Authenticating Slack and generating Oauth 2.0 Token
  • Challenges with installing external python packages on AWS Lambda

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • Building our first voice app on Alexa
  • Working with AWS Lambda
  • Creating value added feature for the widely used Slack medium

What we learned:

  • Programming on AWS lambda
  • Alexa skill set
  • Package deployment on lambda

What's next for Alexa-to-slack:

The application can be enhanced by adding features to support replying to a user message, create & delete new channels and team management abilities.

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