Going by the problem statement given by C2 Technologies to make common people experience ATC ( _ Airline Traffic Control _ ), we have built a smart solution using Amazon's Smart Voice Service, Alexa.


It uses Amazon's Echo Dot 2 as an interface for voice, which is an imitation of the communication that takes place between the ATC Controller and Pilots during the course of flight. It also displays a Radar Screen showing the important details of a flight's course.

User can command planes to _ climb, descent and change its direction _ in order to avoid collision. In case, a collision occurs an alert is generated on user's screen.


If the type is ![POST] you are expected to provide x-www-form-urlencoded data in a _ JSON blob _. If the type is ![GET] then obviously, you don't need to do anything.

  • /api/getAltitude - Get Flight's Altitude
  • /api/getDirection - Get Direction with respect to NORTH
  • /api/setAltitude - Set Flight's Altitude
  • /api/setDirection - Set Direction with respect to NORTH
  • /api/getAllFlights - Get Details of all flights in radar's range
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