Shower tiles, hopscotch

What it does

Plays an interactive game on a virtual grid of numbered tiles

How I built it

Node.js, Lambda, DynamoDB

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the highscore system and getting DynamoDB working

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a unique game with some throwback elements like 8-bit sound effects and 3-initial highscore

What I learned

Using persistence to retain data across all users/sessions, implementing states, working with DynamoDB

Skill Description

TileTrek requires a unique combination of spatial, memory, and number skills to win this challenging game. Just keep track of your movements around a grid of numbered tiles- easy enough.

STARTING THE GAME: To start, first specify the size (3-10) of an NxN square grid of numbered tiles and a total number of moves to make (5-50). The grid size you specify can be from 3 to 10, and the number of moves can be from 5 to 50. For example say 3 for a 3x3 grid and say 10 for 10 total moves. Now visualize the grid of tiles filled sequentially- left to right, top to bottom- with N*N integer numbers. For example a 3x3 grid contains tiles numbered sequentially from 1 to 9, and a 4x4 grid contains tiles numbered 1-16.

PLAYING THE GAME: The game always starts out on tile number 1 in the upper left corner of the grid. For game play you simply alternate back and forth with Alexa moving to an adjacent tile in any valid direction (just say “UP”, “DOWN”, “LEFT”, or “RIGHT”). On each move you must stay within the NxN grid area, and a move cannot simply undo or reverse the previous move (for example if Alexa says “UP”, your next move cannot be “DOWN”). The object of the game is to correctly guess the current tile number after the specified number of moves has been made. Your score is equal to the sum of all tiles traversed, including the first one.

WINNING THE GAME: After the specified number of moves has been made, you have to correctly guess the current tile number to win the game. Additionally, if you achieved a new high score, you have to guess your score to post it in the system (see High Score section).

HIGH SCORE: For each grid size, a high score is permanently stored in the TileTrek system for all Alexa users to beat. To post a new high score after winning a game, you have to correctly guess your score which is simply the tally (sum) of all tiles traversed, including the first one. If you win the game with a new high score and guess it correctly, Alexa will prompt you for your initials (3 letters) so they can be posted in the system along with your high score.

Example interaction: Alexa: Select grid size and # of moves [Welcome prompt – You select a 3x3 tile grid and 5 moves] You: Right [You moved RIGHT in the grid to tile #2] Alexa: Down [Alexa moved DOWN to tile #5] You: Left [You moved LEFT to tile #4] Alexa: Down [Alexa moved DOWN to tile #7] You: Right [[You moved RIGHT to tile #8] *Total number of moves completed (=5) and Alexa now prompts you for the current tile number You: 8 [You correctly guess the current tile number– You win!] *Your score (total tile tally) would be 1+2+5+4+7+8 = 27 points

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