After we realized that our initial idea was not going to lead to much, we had a brainstorming session, looking at databases online and ideas that we could gather. We found a McDonalds database that had nutrition facts for the food. We thought that we can make a table waiter with that but it can expand to any store, as long as we have the food and the prices!

What it does

The idea is that its going to be on the tables of Restaurants and when someone sits and is ready to order they just say "Hey, Waiter!". After that you can place your order by saying: "I want 2 Hamburgers". Then, we send the order to the kitchen where the total price can be calculated as well. More items can be added and the total will be updated as well.

How we built it

Using php,html,java and mySQL for the "front end" that the kitchen is going to have. Used js and alexa for the "back-end" which is the waiter.

Challenges we ran into

Having to change project halfway through the hackathon. Also, because Alexa is online we had to try to upload everything on a server as it was built on localhost. That proved to be very difficult and thus we couldn't quite connect the front end and the back end in the time that we had.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have the very basic version almost working which allows us to build up from there many more features.

What we learned

We experimented with a lot of different things like databases, alexa, online servers

What's next for Alexa the Waiter

Some methods that we might implement are: Recommendations, Nutrition Facts on Command, Remove Items from the Order, Message the kitchen to request assist, the bill, water etc. Adding more phrases so its more responsive and it recognizes more commands

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