Hands-free solution to tuning musical instruments.

What it does

Alexa-Synthesizer will output a musical note in the 4th octave that is requested by the user. This is useful for anyone tuning an instrument and has their hands occupied by an instrument.

How we built it

Used Amazon Alexa Skill Builder Kit and AWS Lambda to process input and give a response. Responses are outputted in .mp3 files hosted on AWS S3 storage.

Challenges we ran into

Digital frequency, AWS lambda, and Alexa skill builder.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A presentable project that is modular.

What we learned

Implementing an Alexa Skill

What's next for Alexa-Synthesizer

Depending on whether it is possible for Alexa to interpret analog signals, we can make Alexa-Synthesizer tell users the margin of error in the sound produced by the user.

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