I am a life-long fan of West Ham United and the Premier League. Being in the US, I can't purchase season tickets to see my favorite team and join the crowd. So the atmosphere is recreated in pubs, with friends, and at home.

What it does

Plays a recorded chant or song that is typically sung to celebrate the team and build stadium atmosphere.

How I built it

I cloned a audio-player node.js tutorial from github. Read through and learned how each function performs the task. Then grabbed .MP3 files online in the public domain, and placed them after specific voice interactions were performed. Using AWS and Alexa Skills Kit, I wrote the voice-commands and linked them to the node project.

Challenges I ran into

This was the second Alexa skill I had ever built, and the second project I had ever begun with Java and Node.js. So everything was a challenge. I have minimal experience writing and editing scripts. I felt like a mechanic running into problems. I would diagnose in the command line and resolve each issue as it came.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Have so little experience with code languages, I am so proud to have been able to publish a skill to the world. I learned by reading other project's code and was able to build my own skill for fans like myself to enjoy.

What I learned

I learned a lot about how scripts function and honestly how simple it really is to create a fun voice-interaction.

What's next for Alexa Skill - West Ham United Songs

I have already begun publishing similar skills for the other Premier League teams and fans to enjoy!

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