My inspiration came from my daughter. She is very curious about sounds and always asks me about them. Sometimes I can't answer her as quickly as she wants me to, because I am busy. I think if there is a device that can make a sound and tell my daughter what it is, that would be a nice way to teach and expand her vocabulary. I have an Alexa echo, but I couldn't find a similar skill that met my need. That's the reason why I decided to create a sound game on Alexa.

What it does

Sounds what is an entertaining and educating skill that plays hundreds of different sounds. Say "open Sounds what" then guess the sounds by their voice. You can challenge your friends, family, or yourself. If you have children, this is the best way to expand their vocabulary.

How I built it

I used aws lambda function to handle intent request which comes from Alexa. I hosted the audio files on the cloud storage and maintained a table on the database that stores audio information such as name, endpoint, etc.

Challenges I ran into

I had to prepare hundreds of sounds for this game, and also had to convert each audio file to Alexa-friendly format and import them into the database. The problem is that I didn't have enough time, so I wrote the python scripts to do this matter automatically

What's next for Alexa skill, Sounds What

  1. Add more sounds. I hope Sounds What can provide thousands of sounds in the future.
  2. Give quiz by your level. For example, if you're level is "beginner", Sounds What will give you easier questions.
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