Last year I had an informal conversation with one of my seniors who used various job portals to look for suitable jobs. He missed lot of opportunities because he didn’t get time to check the portals every day. Also I realized that, Students now view online job posting data as a practical source to explore the nature of today’s dynamic labor market. The real-time nature of job data allows the early detection of labor demand trends, which gives students a forward-looking analytical tool.
So, I am coming up with a project goal to find a way which helps as a search light for the students. The proposed project will make significant contributions, both to fresh graduates but also individuals who are willing to change their career path.

What it does

Invoking the skill by uttering the word "Get me a job" and search thousands of job listings that are updated daily from all over the United States. For example: Searches matching the title for example: “Software Developer” on and collect all the data from Job postings displayed by the job portal Features:

  • Stores user profile in database
  • Search jobs near user
  • Search jobs by title or another keyword
  • Get step-by-step voice help

How I built it

Creating Skill to interact with User - Flask Ask

  • Search for all jobs in specified region in matching the title for example: “Software Developer” on since last one week and collect all the data from Job postings displayed by the job portal - Python web scrapping Libraries or API's to get job posting details from the websites.
  • Scrape all the html in the job postings and get required data - Data Cleaning by Python
  • Keep a running total of the words and see how often a job posting included. Count the total number of Jobs and then count the skills. Identify the most frequent keywords in job summaries and key skills - Data Analysis

Challenges I ran into

I have faced the following challenges while doing this project • Getting access to various job portal backend data • I tried using LinkedIn API to get job posting details, but I need to pay for it. So, I decided to do web scraping of Indeed jobs site • It took lot of time in choosing the apt tools for this project • Integration of all the tools • Unavailability of reference sources

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to overcome challenges and could accomplish the following • A working product which satisfies all my requirements • Able to learn new technology and skill set • Got exposure to the job market and the way how it functions • Got good some knowledge on trending technologies

What I learned

I did not have any knowledge on how to develop Alexa skill with the help of Python Language before starting this project. I have learned below concepts in this journey. • Steps to create Alexa skill
• Designing voice interface and creation of the interaction model -Schema, utterances, custom slots • Gaining experience with Amazon Dynamo DB and calling it from Skill Service • Creation of Skill service using Flask Ask • How to use SSML for voice responses • Testing the Skill service

What's next for Alexa Skill 'get me a Job'

With the advent of numerous technologies from last decade, it is very difficult to find the potential technology which has longevity. So, students surround themselves with lot of ambiguity about the choice of their field. None of the current tool to find out the latest technologies for students to get ready for job opportunities with real time data. In future, I will analyze responsibilities in job descriptions and answer below questions. Some of the user questions which will be answered I. What are the current demanding skills most employers looking for any job like software Developer?
II. What are the job responsibilities most commonly outlined in job descriptions? III. If different cities have different skills, they like to emphasize for any job? What differences if any, exist between the responsibilities and job functions of entry level and non-entry level job positions?

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