Many people invest in stocks and securities without knowing much about it. Alexa Portfolio Manager is a beginner investor's guide to managing their portfolio and getting best details for stock information, trends and charts.

What it does

You can ask it about multiple things:

  • Performance of stocks through Aladdin API
  • Your current investments
  • Chart for any stock (Plotly + Aladdin)
  • Addition of investment to portfolio

How we built it

  • NodeJS and Python backend. HTML5 front-end web application for displaying graphs.

Challenges we ran into

  • Refreshing the webpage automatically based on Alexa's speech was a bit hard. We had to create two servers and use for real-time refreshing and rendering of charts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • None of us had ever worked with Alexa or Aladdin API before. Learning it from scratch and connecting it to a web-app is what we're proud of.

What we learned

  • Working with different APIs and technologies.

What's next for Alexa Portfolio Manager

  • Doing technical and fundamental analysis. Using machine learning to predict best performing stocks.
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