There are existing Alexa apps for quiz, learning, etc. So we decided to build an app which will be used for education as well as a quiz game. Already there are mathematics and other quiz games. We decided to implement the game Rivers of the world. Here the user can ask Alexa the largest rivers in the world, its length, its location, etc. as well they can play quiz game of rivers.

What it does

It is a game where the user can learn about the large rivers in the world as well as play quiz game for rivers of the world.

How I built it

We used Amazon developer console as IDE, lambda function, Intents.

Challenges I faced

Implementing the lambda function.

What I learned

  1. Lambda function
  2. Alexa app building skills

Future Scope

Currently we have limited rivers in our game we will include more rivers in our app.

Testing Instructions

Please use below provided data for Testing: Sample data : • Say “Alexa start World Rivers ” or “Alexa start Rivers of the Earth”. • It will ask “Do you want to explore or play quiz?”. • If you say explore it will say you the rivers of the world in descending order of their length along with their length and location. • If you say quiz it will ask you a river’s location, its length, location, etc.

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