We were feeling sad because we had no ideas and got rejected by Alexa when we asked to marry her. So we played around with Alexa for many hours straight and did not feel any better because Alexa was quite cold and unwelcoming at times. However, we wanted to change this and make Alexa the emotional support that people can rely on.

What it does

Provides the user with a shoulder (or cylinder) to cry on. Alexa will listen to all your life problems and provide you with helpful, motivational, and warm comments that will make you feel all nice and tingly inside.

How we built it

We used Javascript for everything and used Amazon's Alexa's API for natural language understanding and token parsing. In addition, we programmed our interpretation in Node.JS and hosted it on Microsoft Azure.

Challenges we ran into

  • Simulating a therapeutic environment with the best of limited knowledge and experience.
  • Designing a language interface that correctly understands user sentiments and provides accurate, appropriate feedback.
  • Setting up AWS and learning the various API's such as AWS, Azure and Alexa.
  • Learning how Amazon echo works and how to create new skills with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It may have significant social impact and help improve the lives of those suffering from negative emotions. It's also our team's first hardware hack!

What we learned

Alexa can be really helpful and fun to interact with. We were fascinated by how cool the natural language processing was.

What's next for Alexa: My Personal Therapist

Perhaps sending therapy logs to clinics or real therapists.

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