Hacking can difficult, especially into the late hours, without having much time to rest your brain and your body. Normally teammates are cheerleaders and bring morale up, but with the lack of sleep and energy, we we were inspired to create a cheerleader that isn't subject to normal hack-a-thon weaknesses. Amazon Alexa is becoming a diverse home tool, popularly used in the kitchen, and living room to answer questions and help with computations, but we wanted to create an even more human version of Alexa. Meet Alexa, Motivate me, inspired by our favorite motivators, DJ Khaled, Donald Trump, and Shia Labeouf. She is also equipped with some of the best jokes on the internet, because there is nothing that brings up the mood higher than a terrible joke.

What it does

Utilizes Amazon Echo and the Amazon Alexa platform to respond to voice commands. She can motivate using famous quotes from DJ Khaled, Donald Trump, and Shia Labeaouf. She also has a repertoire of terrible jokes that are guaranteed to get a laugh, or a groan.

How I built it

We used the tutorial provided by the Amazon Echo team as well as documentation published on the Amazon developer forums to learn how to create a simple skill. We then expanded on the tutorial and used lambda functions on amazon web services to create the backend for the project.

Challenges I ran into

Debugging was quite the learning experience, overall the interface was very easy to use and quite intuitive. Also JavaScript is a lot harder to use than C++.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created a cool skill for the Amazon Echo! Managed time efficiently.

What I learned

Learned how useful lambda functions are in creating a skill for Amazon Echo. Also learned a substantial amount about Alexa and the Amazon Echo at the workshop. Learned Javascript.

What's next for Motivate Me

Alexa, Motivate Me is already a motivating beast, with some of the sickest jokes, however there is always room to grow. We would want Alexa to be able to either self-learn through the internet, and be able to target individuals and their humor and be trained according to the responses of the users. We also want Alexa to be able to learn how to play music that will help maximize motivation levels. We also must make sure that no weak jokes, or uninspiring quotes are used because Alexa, Motivate Me must become the greatest motivator and the funniest robot.

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