Inspiration: The growing need for an online tool to keep track of your mood and therefore monitor your mental health triggers as well as the lack of accessibility of chat bots to the visually impaired inspired us to use a household tool like Amazon Echo-Alexa to make this cool tool.

What it does: let's you track your mood everyday and stores the data on a json file that can then be exported to useful formats using DynamoDB.

How we built it: We used amazon's web developer tools, aws and javascript largely to built the tool. The front end was made using AWS Lambda console and the back end was coded on NodeJS.

Challenges we ran into: Given the fact that it was the first hackathon for all of us, most of the team members didn not have prior experience working with JavaScript, let alone AWS services so we had to learn it overnight. Furthermore, making the tool conversational was another big issue as we struggled to link responses on the aws platform due to its unfamiliarity and lack of help from mentors as it was a very niche tool.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Learning JavaScript, AWS. Debugging on an unknown platform. Making the tool conversational.

What we learned: Besides the numerous technical skills, we learnt the value of working as a team and going out of our comfort zone to explore a new tool.

What's next for Alexa Mood Journal: We'll harvest the data collected so it can be more useful, for example: shared with doctors (with user consent) for more accurate medical diagnostics especially with regards to mental health.

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