With the ever growing danger of distracted driving related incidents, our goal was to increase safety for motorcyclists and prevent dangerous accidents, while still maintaining a good user experience.

What it does

Alexa JARVIS is an intuitive voice controlled smart helmet. The goal was to create a completely voice controlled interactive system to assist a motorcyclist on the road, while leaving the other four senses to focus on the safety of the user. This is different than other smart helmets on the market because it does not impede the sense of sight, it is easily accessible and can be adapted to many different helmets, and it is a cheaper alternative to competitors.

Some examples of the commands you can run are:

“Navigate home”

“Navigate to work”

“Where am I?”

“How long will it take me to get to work?”

“Text Mike I’ll be there in 5 minutes”

“Send my location to mom”

“Help” – Sends out a distress signal with your location to a list of emergency contacts

How we built it

We incorporated Amazon’s Alexa voice service into a Raspberry Pi 2 and attached it to the helmet. We built the Alexa skill to communicate with the rider, using node.js and firebase for the backend. The Raspberry Pi is powered by an external USB battery pack and the electroluminescent lights are controlled using a relay which is controlled by the Raspberry Pi.

Challenges we ran into

Controlling the electroluminescent lightson the helmet using Alexa commands, securing the Pi to the back of the helmet, and putting the microphone and speaker inside the helmet. Getting the Alexa voice service to work with the Raspberry Pi.

What we learned

We learned how to function without sleep.

What's next for Alexa JARVIS

More voice commands and a smaller and more mobile system that can be adapted to other helmets.

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