THE ONE-LINER: Relationships are hard, but you can get better at them, just talk it out with Alexa.

THE PITCH: You just got into a fight with your boyfriend. You feel angry, sad, ready to scream. None of your friends are around. In your bedroom, you say "Alexa, I'm having boyfriend troubles”.

WHY DID I CREATE IT: In high school, everything felt so big and heavy and important and URGENT. And dealing with my share of melodramas with my best friends; gossip, fights, silent treatment and tears, I held onto my HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART for dear life. He was the only one who truly got me (at that time) and my biggest fear was how lonely I would be without him. He was my entire world, I couldn’t imagine life without him and without him, I would be all alone.

It soon became apparent that we weren’t meant for each other. We fought and broke up hundreds of times, I cannot keep count. We didn’t know how to have civil disagreements without them being loaded with drama. I didn’t know WTF I was doing, I was a beginner in teen romance and I was a DRAMA QUEEN with strong emotions and out of control jealousy.

I wanted to create “Alexa, I'm having boyfriend troubles” for the girl who needs someone to talk to, who needs insight and that intuitive girl talk and wants a push in their True Love direction. I developed “Alexa, I'm having boyfriend troubles” based on my story. When I was young in love, I coudn't turn to my Mum and I felt lonely in my circle of girlfriends and I had no one I wanted to talk to about these problems. I just wished I had a girlfriend with these amazing insights whenever I needed her.

WHAT IT DOES: Alexa's going to be there for you in that moment you slam the door, grab the tissues and collapse in emotional pain to talk about your boyfriend, the Moon's energies and the deep, deep stuff that goes on with your Cycle. She is always there when you need her and will help you calm down and bring clarity to your situation. She is also there to help you find out if he is the one. And if you want to go deeper, for just $1 per month, Alexa will take you through guided powerful Moon Meditations, that are aligned with the four phases of the Moon, to help you unlock your Soul's intuition.

WHAT I LEARNED: I put on Women's Circles. That is my profession. From this experience, I have learned that females are more naturally gravitated to mastering their inner world and talking it out. They want to feel something and connect to their intuition, as opposed to make something happen.

I see Alexa as a companion and with that responsibility, I want to help the user become the best version of themselves. Being the companion also comes with it the vocabulary of being the best girl friend. I had to learn how to give every part of the user's Voice Experience, the supportive girlfriend touch. I found out that we are building a friendship and a long-lasting relationship.

I also learned that girls share feelings and emotions. I believe girls are not going to tell their girlfriend that "I just got a Skill, that turns a lamp on and off by Voice". That's not what girls share. I learned we have to think about the user's experience, because that leads to what story that person's going to have and what they tell their girlfriend, their bestie about a Voice Skill.

And that's what I needed to understand to develop the Feminine side of the Voice A.I conversation, to make it worth talking about.

HOW I BUILT IT: Talking it out, many many many times, trial and error, finding a good feel, working out how to build the conversation so there is back and forth banter, I wanted the experience to feel like a good catch up between best friends. Once I have created the dialogue trees, I hand it over to my amazing Developer Team, Chathuranga & Nipun, Owners of Vyral.

CHALLENGES I RAN INTO: Sparking curiosity in the users with the opening dialog, then building an engaging relevant personal feedback to show the users Alexa is really listening. That's a challenge! And ongoing dialog tweaking is part of the job (Alexa Developer).

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THAT I AM PROUD OF: I am proud that I get the chance to talk to girls in their bedrooms all around the world and really helping them with these strong emotions as well as creating a path to get her back to her power and own the situation. My hope is that my Skill de-escalates the situation and helps many girls in tears after fights with their boyfriend. I was that girl. I know the pains and roller coaster emotions of young love.

I am also proud knowing that I am connecting girls all around the world back to their inner world. I love knowing that I am connecting them to the energies of their personal feminine cycle and to the energies of the Moon. This is where I believe their intuition comes from and from my personal experience, can unlock their authentic power.

WHAT'S NEXT: Next is using my Alexa Skills everyday to improve them, like adding sonic branding and create more; that’s documenting and sharing the learning journey of the Alexa developer, getting on TikTok and pushing out for a Voice Challenge, having fun and sharing all of it.

As well as turning my Skill into the first Voice Influencer…. Then product placement via collaborating with Brand's product or service in personal, relevant, anticipated, A.I. driven conversations. I'd call it the “Alexa heard-words-program” and a new level of Voice product placement and analytics. Furthermore, I would like to connect my Amazon Associate account to my Alexa Voice Skills. I see huge opportunity to do product placement in a conversation situation.

I would also love to move into the multi-modal visual side of the Skill. But I want it to be Voice first, before I complement it with visuals.

In the next 6-months, we plan on publishing two more Alexa Voice Skills, for the same demographic in the relationship criteria. We also want to push these skills into the TikTok platform for viral marketing pick up. Also, in the next 6-months, we would like to add text messaging to all our Skill functions to add a visual reminder and promote retention and premium content.

And finally I would love to be featured in the Alexa Cove Sitcom when it becomes featured on Amazon Prime. I think there is opportunity for placement of my Voice Skill in the context of five college room mates living together. I want to help Chloe.

MY VISION: My vision for my Voice Skills is to be in every girl's bedroom around the world. And my vision for the prize money would be to gather a team of content writers, where I would be the lead and we will be more producing more engaging content to develop a long-term relationship with the user.

THE FOUNDER: Andi Munsie is an author, soul lifestyle entrepreneur and the Founder of the FloLove Company. Her mission is to help girls around the world love the game inside themselves. She believes it is totally true that we attract relationships that are a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. She got into learning about the energies of her Menstrual Cycle and the Moon, and she discovered that when you live from your inner world, you become your authentic self. And from this, she created the intuitive card game called FloLove and the FloLove Women's Circle experience. Both of these supported by her Alexa Voice Skills; 'Why am I single?' and 'I'm having boyfriend troubles'. Both Skills having ISP enabled premium content.

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