Inspiration: To help the disabled and elderly people who are unable to physical be able to do everyday tasks.

What it does: So we program a servo to open a mini scale model of a door. This showcases how we can program a Alexa device or the use of a app to help open a door without physical doing it. We believe this is helpful to those who are to weak to do easy task like opening a door.

How we built it:

Challenges we ran into: For we good amount of time we were stuck on what to do for the event. We also didn't have a well experienced programer, most of us are simple engineers. Our two programers were having trouble connecting the Alexa device to the Mini scale model of the door controlled with a servo motor.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Our programers were able to somewhat get our idea to work, the concept that we can make a home door open with the use of a servo and have no use of a door handle. Instead you use a app to control when your door opens and closes. If it wasn't for the limited knowledge of how to make a app for the Amazon Alexa, we could've made the model be voiced activated which would make this completely hands off.

What we learned: We learned the skill of teamwork, everyone corporate some

What's next for Techies For Elders: Nothing. This was just for fun.

Built With

  • arduino-coding-system
  • arduino-uno
  • autodesk
  • bredborad
  • buttons
  • microbit
  • towerpro-sg92r-servo
  • two-laptops
  • wires
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